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A lot of people have trouble with Thread veins/Spider veins which mainly tend to affect the face and legs. The causes of Thread Vein disorders are not really known, but temperature changes, hormonal changes, prolonged standing, smoking and alcohol are all possible causes. Thread veins are highly visible through the skin, being purple, red or blue and dilated in their appearance.

If you have Thread Veins, (spider veins) you may feel self-conscious about them and want to cover them up. This may be bearable in the chilly winter months, but it can be very unpleasant when the warmer summer weather comes around. Thread veins for some people can fuel anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological problems. Self-esteem and quality of life may also suffer, but there are now effective treatments available to treat skin disorders such as Thread veins.

Thread Vein Treatment at Vale Laser

You will have a free consultation to discuss the best course of treatment for you and answer any questions you may have. After this we will perform a skin patch test to ensure that you will not suffer an adverse reaction to the treatment and will advise on the aftercare.

When you come for your first Thread vein treatment you will have the procedure explained to you, and be provided with safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Cooling gel is applies before the treatment to soothe the skin. The Thread vein treatment is very quick and you should start seeing results after just one of treatment. The frequency of the treatment is every 4 weeks.

Thread Vein Removal Treatment

How Does Thread Vein Removal Work?

The light from the laser travels harmlessly through the epidermis and strikes the target area eliminating the thread veins, spider veins, broken capillaries and cherry spots, by absorption of the light by the haemoglobin by absorption of light by the blood. Once the blood reaches a certain temperature the blood coagulates and the inner cells of the blood vessels denature causing the vein vessel to collapse and dissolve. The heat of the light stimulates collagen production that boosts the healing process and stimulates the natural healing of the skin.

After Thread Vein Treatment

The skin may appear red and swollen after the treatment, however this normally reduces within 24-48 hours. We recommend you have tan free skin before the treatment and protect the skin with SPF40 or higher.

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