Blog/How To Avoid Skin Pigmentation This Summer

Prevention is always preferable to a cure when it comes to issues like seeking the most effective pigmentation treatment South Wales has to offer, and the summer season is a key time where you can really help your skin stay safe and in good condition.

Yes, we’re talking about the time you spend in the sun, and without sounding too much like your mum, you need to remember to take care. Skin pigmentation is related to melanin in your skin – the same melanin that gives you your summer tan, but also can lead to sun spots and uneven skin tone.

Even if your skin is free from crow’s feet and wrinkles, you may find that this uneven skin tone is what is aging you prematurely, and in some cases it can even be hard to cover up with your usual make up.

While we know you’ll need to spend some time in the sunshine and that vitamin D kick will give your skin a radiant glow in the short term, follow some of this advice from the NHS to avoid long term skin damage.

When buying sunscreen, look out for UVA and SPF on the label. UVA will protect against UVA damage and an SPF of at least 15 will offer some protection against UVB.

Avoid sunbathing during the hottest times of the day – often between 11am and 3pm depending on where you are in the world. Try to stay in the shade during these times, but don’t forget you can also burn when there’s cloud in the sky!

Cover-up as much as is possible and re-apply sunscreen after swimming - your skin will thank you for it!

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