Blog/Age Spots – What They Are & How To Get Rid Of Them

If you’re above a certain age, you may well have noticed a few changes in your skin. As you get older, this is only likely to increase and chances are that you’ll soon see a few age spots, small brown patches on your face, arms and hands that are also known as hyperpigmentation.

These are caused by an excess of melanin (skin pigment) as a result of long-term exposure to UV light and the sun. The melanin clumps together, forming obvious spots on your skin – and you’re more likely to find them on areas of your body that are more consistently exposed to sunlight, which is why your face and the backs of your hands appear to suffer the most.

So how can you prevent hyperpigmentation from taking place?

Diet can play a bit part in preventing age spots and helping the ones you have to fade. Increase your intake of vitamins C and E by eating more melons, for example, or drinking a lot of green tea. You should also make sure you always apply sun cream before you go outside, even if you think it’s not that sunny out there. This is more important the older you get, as your skin will become drier and more delicate.


If you feel your hyperpigmentation has got out of control, make an appointment with a south Wales pigmentation treatment clinic to see what can be done. Here at Vale Laser, we offer a free consultation to work out the best course of treatment for you. Pigmentation is typically reduced after one or two treatments, which could inspire you to give it a go.

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